Our Presentation Design Agency

There from the start

Silver Fox was hatched in the halls of Microsoft as it introduced the world to PowerPoint in the 1990s. We were there when presentation creation moved from hand tools to pixels. Our team took part in the invention of the new way information would be communicated in the eternal art of oration. It was at this time that we set upon our journey to build our presentation design agency in a soon to be reimagined world of meetings and events.

We believe that the sum of who we are, as a team, is far greater than its parts, as individuals. That sum grows greater as we honor each other, as individuals. We feel the same way towards our clients as we do whatever it takes to help them succeed in their key moments in the spotlight.

What we value.

Our core values are focused around teamwork, mindfulness, curiosity, ownership and character. In living these values, we want our customers to experience the peace of mind that comes with a trusted partnership.

Make each other better.

Be proud. Be humble.

Always learning. Always listening.

Own your energy.

Define your journey.

The Silver Fox difference.

Our laser beam focus on presentation design has allowed us to learn about what our clients truly need and how to deliver. We know that you are either a speaker or someone supporting a speaker. Nerves, timeline, budget are tight or even fried. You need efficiency in speed of delivery and inside of budget. You need us to scale support to whatever size your event requires. You need us to maintain excellence at that scale. You need the customer service of a friendly, problem solving partner. You need a partner who can direct you and is creating what is next in your world of meetings and events. This is the Silver Fox difference.

If you envision something it will come true. Silver Fox Productions is the result of the talented team and vivid imaginations that brought presentation design into the mainstream and storytelling to the forefront of corporate consciousness. Today, we continue to embrace opportunity and innovation.

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