Motion Graphics Animation

Video continues to dominate the way people consume information. This is because, as human beings, our attention is hard-wired to be drawn to anything that moves. Capitalizing on this nature is a successful tactic in conveying information and storytelling. Silver Fox specializes in the niche of motion graphics and we are masters of animation in live presentations in front of an audience. But not all presentations are live. We have a methodology that walks you through our creation of your stand-alone video.


As you walk us through your script, we begin to outline key moments (frames) in your story. We use them as benchmarks and we may offer our suggestions to strengthen or reorder your script for better flow and emphasis. We will talk about pacing and the ideal length of your video. We want your story to be solid before moving on to the next step.

Animatics and mood boards

We provide animation samples to zero in on an style that suits the narrative. We create sketches that illustrate the keyframes with annotations on how the graphics will move. We present static mood boards to determine what the graphics will look like.

Voice over and background music

We work together to determine the type of voice that best represents your message, audience, and brand. You select from the voice actor samples we provide and then we take the script into the studio to record the voice over. If you want background music in your video, we provide samples and we select one together.

Putting it all together

Before jump into producing the final video, we want to be sure we have all of the components correct. We create another animatic that combines the voice over, music, keyframe sketches, and test animations. This test video provides an easy chance to make subtle changes or proceed with great confidence.

Production and delivery

This is where we build the final animation in the graphic style of the mood board. We tighten up anything you would like to see fine-tuned and render the animation. The final video is supplied in a variety of formats so it can be used online, in your presentation, and in other marketing efforts.

Animated video has become almost a requirement in how companies tell their stories, train their employees, or explain products and services. It is a far more effective method than reading manuals, manifestos, and white papers. Motion graphics animation attracts, captures, and keeps our attention.

Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.

John Sterling

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