Event Support for Presentations

When a presentation is part of a larger event, it is easy for the quality and authenticity of the story to get lost in the shuffle amid the increasing complexity of event logistics and extensive agendas. At Silver Fox, we work tirelessly to make sure our clients’ stories shine throughout the event process, from idea to design to delivery with our event support for presentations. We work closely with key decision-makers and vendors to construct a logistics game plan for each event we support, supplying a talented on-site team that is agile and efficient to ensure successful execution. Every event is comprised of thousands of presentation details and we know how to roll with the changes, even up to the last minute.

Event Branding

Every day, there are hundreds of events across the globe. Your event needs to stand out in your industry and among your competitors. How you visually represent the value, spirit, and theme of your event plays a vital role winning attendance, sponsorships, differentiation, and prestige for your event. We work to help you distinguish your event brand and steer clear of visual clichés, individual design bias, and tired buzzwords. Let’s design your brand to be as exciting as the event you are planning!

Onsite Design Support

You and the other speakers need design support after they are already at the event. Keynotes need to be revised during rehearsals and all the way through the live show. Session speakers need skilled design help with applying the event template, building graphics and animations, and professional slide formatting. Silver Fox designers travel to your event to assist with the presentation design, branding, and quality control your speakers need.

Presentation Operation

Presentations can get quite complex with animations, transitions, timing, and live execution. You can trust our Presentation Operators to run your presentation while you are onstage. Because we built the presentation with you, we have the advantage of knowing exactly what needs to happen and when. The Silver Fox team seamlessly integrates with the other production teams to make sure there are zero mistakes and you look perfect.

Presentation Management

Presentations don’t magically appear in your breakout rooms from the speaker portal or event management platform. Too often, technical teams, tasked with staging and hardware set-up, are given this task, or this step gets overlooked entirely. This is a guaranteed way to invite version and quality control issues, lose files, have copyright violations, and send off-brand and broken presentations to screen. Silver Fox covers these bases with experienced breakout support teams.

Here is how we do it

Planning for success

In the early stages of planning your event, our Event Managers collaborate with you to understand the goals, scope, and scale of your endeavor. We work with key decision makers and handle solution planning with logistics and technical vendors. We construct a game plan to supply a talented, agile, efficient team to ensure successful execution.

Preparing before the show

In the lead up to your event, we manage timelines to keep your speakers on schedule. With these timelines, keynotes have sufficient time to be developed and breakout presentations are delivered to the event on time. Our team works to finalize presentations with time to spare so that speakers can focus on their rehearsals and performance.

Execution when the event goes live

Successful execution depends on the quality of the teams you invest in to support your speakers. We develop relationships with every vendor you trust to bring the show to life. Our common goal is to work as one team to make the event a wild success.

Our automated presentation workflow platform, FoxTraxTM, helps to streamline content management logistics at any scale. With FoxTraxTM, hundreds of presentations are processed, cued up for delivery onstage, then captured and archived for future use. Utilizing FoxTraxTM on-site at events allows speakers to focus on a successful performance, knowing the details are taken care of. Presenters, event staff, and content owners enjoy a smoother logistical experience, freeing up time and resources.

I just wanted to formally thank you and your team for the extraordinary job you did on the Marketo Summit. The amount of rock and rolling you did through all the production/budget/client changes you facilitated was staggering. I know I thanked you a ton on-site, but I just wanted to make sure you knew how much you were appreciated. I know there were a number of late nights along the way and some crazy asks, but you always did it with a smile and sense of purpose that belied the stress.


Transform Your Event

For over 23-years, Silver Fox has successfully provided event support for presentations at thousands of meetings and events, designing over a quarter million presentations. We are skilled in the planning, preparation, and execution of presentation design and management services before, during, and after your event. Our teams supply impeccable design and delivery, traveling to support you, wherever you are in the world. As your company grows and your events get bigger, we are your partner to support that growth.