Onsite Design Support

Let’s all be honest, presentations often take a back seat amongst all of the other planning aspects of an event and your speakers’ busy schedules. However, people primarily attend conferences to learn, hear great content, and to be inspired. The bulk of this takes the form of speakers presenting to your attendees. Events need an agency that travels to support the “late in the game” nature of presentation development and design. Our understanding and talented teams are trained to be your design heroes up to the very last second.


Our presentation design support follows you to your event. We continue our creative collaboration for an extra level of confidence onstage. Our designer attends rehearsals and manages edits real time, working with you and your team making sure everything goes as planned.


Silver Fox assists your speakers with our proven method of presentation support for breakout sessions. Our scalable teams have the capacity to provide service to events featuring 2,000+ presentations and hundreds of breakout rooms. We are there to make things simple so your speakers can focus on making their performance a success.

Speaker support rooms

A presenter should be able to focus on their talk, not on how to make something work in their presentation software. They may need to animate their concept or help with translating their napkin sketch into a graphic, applying the event template, sourcing photography, or just adding a touch of elegance. Our design teams are at the event to alleviate their struggles. We are available to assist with all sorts of minor to major design challenges and we are fast!

Interstitial Design

We create the visuals that go between speaker talks. Sponsors and partners are recognized with looping visuals. Housekeeping slides provide event, agenda, and directional information to help attendees keep on track. Video walls and highlight loops create excitement and increase engagement. Many shows have screens to project visual elements to enhance the event environment. We provide these services to create a cohesive visual experience.

You and the other speakers need design support after they are already at the event. Keynotes need to be revised during rehearsals and all the way through the live show. Session speakers need skilled design help with applying the event template, building graphics and animations, and professional slide formatting. Silver Fox designers travel to your event to assist with the presentation design, branding, and quality control your speakers need.

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