Presentation Management

Your event is growing in size or is already huge and new processes are necessary to relieve growing pains. Moving content from your speaker portal to projection is cumbersome and error-prone. It is time to up your game to elevate this workflow to exceed the standard you have established for your event. We have your solution for managing your 20-2000 presentation files while maintaining your quality check list for every piece of content. With decades of experience, our support teams know how to get the job done.

Our breakout teams fill the gap

Silver Fox provides the much needed support to your speakers. We take the responsibility of collecting every presentation before and during the event. Our on-site team ensures that each presentation is in the event template, free from embarrassing typos and copyright issues, proper naming conventions are applied, and versions are tracked when presentations are updated.

We track all of the presentations

We hold the master session grid that is up to date with the data for session rooms and presentation times to be sure that the correct presentation is in the right place, at the right time. After the session, we pull the presentation back from the room and prepare it for sharing with attendees, other distribution vendors, and archival.

The Silver Fox workroom

Speakers know they can find assistance, design help, and peace of mind in our support room. They can come by to drop-off their presentation, get their presentation reviewed, do any troubleshooting, and leave with full confidence so they can enjoy the rest of the event. Our workroom is the nerve center of presentation management and support during your event.

Event and content management tools

We collaborate with your event and content management platforms through integrations with our workflow software. Our automated system pulls speaker files from their holding tank, runs them through the designers in our breakout room, sends them out into the event, recollects them, and prepares them for post-show use.

Silver Fox has defined the standard for onsite presentation management. As the nature of experiential events is rapidly evolving, we know we need to keep improving and even reinventing that standard. We are looking at the future of events and are excited for the ways we can continue to push the boundaries.

Introducing our Presentation Workflow Platform

Built to automate the true flow of content through an event. FoxTraxTM is more than your standard content management tool.

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In the world of events, innovation is key to providing an attendee experience that is engaging and exciting. With advancements in AR and VR, accessibility, and mobile apps, event content is now available more quickly and in more innovative forms than ever before. As technology rapidly connects and expands our world, we’re looking at how these changes can improve our processes and offerings.

Our latest innovation, FoxTrax, makes updating and moving thousands of files as simple as the click of a button. Far from the old days of “sneaker net”—when files had to be physically run from one end of a convention center to the other—FoxTrax automates the labor-intensive tasks of prepping, moving and tracking files, ensuring our clients get a seamless experience. We provide the human component—creating beautiful presentations, and let FoxTrax do the rest!

These are just the things we’re ready to talk about. We’ve got a few surprises coming in the next few months, from a brand refresh to a new customer experience. Keep your eye out for these exciting changes as we work on making your Silver Fox experience even better!

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