Presentation Operation

Behind the curtain, there is an army of people, miles of cable, and stacks of hardware that make a keynote performance run with perfection. A common mistake is to place someone other than the designer who created the presentation, in the graphics operator seat. Your Silver Fox designer has intimate knowledge in the evolution of the narrative, the graphics, the complex animations, and the timing of transitions. Requests, revisions, and rehearsals are quick and productive so there are no trip ups during the live show.

This looks complicated because it is. This is the schematic of the magic that happens backstage.

Here’s what a Silver Fox Presentation Operator does:

Real-time edits for rehearsals

As a speaker irons out their talk during rehearsals, changes need to be made to the presentation we’ve built together. Edits need to be done immediately so that the rehearsal can be completed with confidence.

Last minute design revisions

There are always going to be revisions right up to show time. Our Presentation Operators are experienced designers that can get them done quickly so the show starts right on time.

In control during the show

The graphics signal going to the screen comes from our computers. Quite often, the clicker in the speaker’s hand isn’t actually doing anything. Our Operator is controlling the presentation.

Making emergency edits

If a change needs to be made to an slide while the speaker is live on stage, we make that happen without the audience knowing. Our Presentation Operators are trained for flawless delivery.

The onstage magic depends on having the right people backstage. During rehearsals and throughout the show, it is best practice to have the Silver Fox designer that built your presentation and is trained as a presentation operator, in control.

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