PowerPoint Templates

A proper presentation template is a smart investment for your next presentation and as an asset for long-term use. A visually appealing design is always desired, but if the presentation template is not set up correctly, users will struggle, and time and productivity is lost. You need a PowerPoint expert to get it done right so your 20-2,000 breakout sessions don’t have 20-2,000 problems to troubleshoot!

A true PowerPoint template is built to technical specifications, ensuring everything will function properly for your speakers and keeps all presentations aligned with your brand. Here are a few items that are essential, but often overlooked, in creating a template.

Creating slide masters

Every slide should obey a slide master and there needs to be a minimal amount of masters. Is your file too large? Does your formatting get all messed up when you copy and paste slides? Chances are, you have a fundamental problem with your slide masters.  

Presetting defaults

When a speaker starts doodling on their new presentation, chances are they are going to create shapes, charts, text boxes, etc. Defaults need to be built into all of these items to make it super simple for the speaker and keep them in line with all of the other presentations being built in the same template.

Establishing color palettes

We all like to be creative, but your brand colors are not open to an individual’s artistic whims. Your color palette can be programmed into PowerPoint so that all shapes, charts, and text. We like to also provide slides that inform users of the brand palette and how to apply color properly.

Providing iconography and imagery

Along with toolkit slides for using the color palette, we provide libraries for users to copy and paste icons and photography directly into the slides they are creating. Sample layouts help presenters easily understand and conform to established guidelines.  

Saving time with slide starters

There is no need to start from scratch. Part of a great template and toolkit includes pre-built slides for common layouts. For charts, the presenter only needs to copy and paste their data. Title, agenda, section, and many other types of slide starters save a ton of time and keep all the presentations consistent.

Be sure you are building your presentation in a proper template! It is a very common and costly mistake that, unfortunately, can originate from the agency you hired to create it. If you are unsure, let us take a look. We are happy to help. Getting the template correct saves you time and budget.

I would like to say very sincerely that YOU guys have been great and that everything I do with our Partners around the world looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better because of the amazing Silver Fox magic!! Simply the most creative and best PowerPoint artists I have ever known!


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