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Every audience is unique, and every presentation has specific goals. Stock or poorly designed presentations distract your audience and fail to capitalize on the influence that visuals can carry. Science tells us that we cannot effectively read and listen at the same time; however, we can listen and receive visual input at the same time. Customized presentation solutions capitalize on opportunities to both inform and persuade. In our over two decades of experience, we have designed customized presentations for just about every audience profile on the planet.

The Silver Fox team has been a critical partner in successfully raising more than a half dozen rounds of private financing from top venture capital investors. This included B, C, D, and mezzanine rounds of venture financing at Isilon Systems. Silver Fox were also an instrumental partner in crafting the presentation that led to the successful IPO of Isilon Systems. Most recently I have worked with the Silver Fox team to craft a Series A pitch for Qumulo that resulted in raising $24.5M.



Whether it’s a conference room or conference center, our experienced team has supported every variety of presentation format, conference type, and attendee profile. The common denominator is that each audience is there to learn from the speakers. Great presentation design helps to articulate content and core messaging to drive belief and action from individuals. That is the goal, right? Let’s work together to make your next event a success!


A keynote session sets the tone for an entire event. It is the core of the narrative that represents the goals and purpose you want to drive home. The presentation that goes to screen is an important tool that establishes the character and attitude of this important moment. Do you look like the amazing company that you are?

“Thank you for your Herculean efforts to get this deck over the finish line. Toni’s presentation went SO WELL, which was largely attributable to your amazing support. Thanks, as always, for being such fantastic partners.”

— Microsoft


Breakout presentations support the core narrative set by the keynote. The event message, purpose, and goals need to carry through these sessions, which is where attendees spend most of their time learning. Details, actions, and training are best conveyed with a presentation that empowers and clarifies your content.

“We had great success this week at GGC and everyone LOVED the design work of the decks, so I wanted to make sure you and your team knew they exceeded our expectations! Thank you for being so patient, helpful, and understanding as we rapidly worked to complete our content. It is great having a partner who makes it easy to work with.”

— Optum

Internal Events

What is your company all about? And who are you trying to tell your corporate story too? What are the nuts and bolts that make your company great? The process of creating internal presentations is an excellent exercise to evaluate, analyze, and re-center your operation as it scales from a start-up to a global success.

“Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work and support you guys gave for the YouTube event in Pebble Beach. This is a very high-profile event and a priority for this team, and you guys really added so much to the execution. Thank you for your patience and professionalism – the clients were thrilled, and it added to an overall successful event!”

— YouTube


Everyone learns differently. Using customized presentation solutions to train employees helps address the most common types of learning. It is essential to keep trainees focused, especially when the training is being delivered online. These sessions should be recorded so they can be used and reviewed repeatedly. A step-by-step visual guide helps ensure that the training is effective and an excellent component of your employee development program.


Stand-alone presentations have become an essential component to any marketing strategy. The target audience wants to consume your content on their own terms and in their own time. These customized presentation solutions are delivered online and take the form of animations and videos with voice over. They need to be quick, to the point, and visually stimulating to capture and keep the attention of your viewer. Watch your clicks skyrocket with a compelling presentation.


Today, many products and services are somewhat intangible and difficult to differentiate in crowded markets. Presentations are a powerful tool to illustrate and animate concepts like AI, structured data, cloud, SaaS, PaaS, and more. You must earn the attention of your audience by presenting a clear solution to their pain points. A well-crafted sales presentation will have you standing out amongst your competitors and get you to ‘yes’!

I engaged Silver Fox to assist me in my go-to-market messaging and entry value statements. My sales team was challenged with how to sell the “why” to buy, versus the “how” it works. Silver Fox helped me address this situation. The presentation resulted in my team being more confident and effective in front of prospects and clients. I have worked with many creative agencies over the years, but Silver Fox is on top of my list!

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